Be Prepared For A Bidding War

With multiple offers coming in on every listing, you have to prepare yourself that you will be in a bidding war. Inventory is scarce and buyers are ready to take the plunge. Read through this article so that you can be prepared!

How to Buy or Sell a Home with the Covid-19 Pandemic

Buying or Selling a home during the Covid-19 pandemic in northeastern Indiana.

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The Five Biggest Mistakes Buyers Make in Today's Real Estate Market

The Five Biggest Mistakes Buyers Make in Buying Homes. Don't make these five mistakes when you are ready to buy a home in northeastern Indiana. Buy a home with ease in Steuben County, Indiana. Choose Sandi Davis Cather as your Realtor to buy a home.

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Welcome to your Lake Life

February 27, 2020

Buy a lake home in Steuben County, Indiana where we have over 101 beautiful lakes. Angola, Indiana, Fremont, Indiana, Hamilton, Indiana. Come see! And prepare to fall in love! Read More

Staging Your Home When You Have a Pet

September 24, 2019

More and more people today have pets. Buyers want a home that will be comfortable for their furry friend too. In the 1990's we would have folks remove anything in the house that indicated pets even lived there for showings. That's no longer necessary. Read More

Homes are a Bargain Compared to Historic Norms

July 18, 2019

The COST of a home is determined by three major components: price, mortgage interest rate, and wages. The big question? Are we paying a greater percentage of our income toward our monthly mortgage payment today than previous generations? Read More

Simple Things to Prepare Your Home for the Market

May 7, 2019

I have about a hundred other tricks to have your home show the best. But if you do just these few things, you will find that you will be way far ahead of your competition. And that is what you really want, isn't it? You want to be the one that folks make an offer on. Read More

Home Inspections

March 2, 2019

One of the anxiety high-points during the sale of a home is waiting for the buyer’s home inspection report. Most sellers willingly disclose what they know about their home to any potential buyers. The concern stems from the inspector finding something that they’re totally unaware of and that it will either cost them a lot of money to correct or the buyer will simply use it to void the contract. Read More

Choosing a Lake in the Land of 101 Lakes!

January 1, 2019

Choose a home for you and your family. Wooded on a private lake, or smaller homes on a busier lake. They are all good. It's fun to live around a lake area. Even if you decide to buy on a city lot, you know you have lots of opportunities to enjoy one of the Steuben County's 101 beautiful lakes! Read More