March 20, 2020


It's 2020 - Time to BUY a HOME! 
Let's get you started to actually buy a home.  And CLOSE on a home. And have the HOME of your DREAMS.  Sandi Davis Cather, Realtor® with Mike Thomas Realtors, will help you through all of the steps so that you can start to live the life of your dreams. 

#1 Mistake: They Don't Get Prequalified Soon Enough
Buyers often think that they will get prequalified AFTER they find the house they want to buy!  This doesn't work in today's fast-moving market.  You have to submit a prequalification letter along WITH the purchase agreement. If you don't you are out of luck. Sandi can recommend a wonderful local lender to get started. 

#2 Mistake: Buyers Rely on What Family & Friends Say 
It's an exciting time!  You are going to buy a home! Often times, buyers listen to what their family and friends say instead of the professional Realtor. We want you to get your family and friends excited and onboard. (You're gonna need help moving, right?) :)  But real estate transactions may have changed somewhat since your loved ones bought a home. Prices have changed, terms have changed. Listen to your family & friends but then take the advise from your professional Realtor®, Sandi. 

#3 Mistake: Waiting For The Perfect Home
Ahhh...The elusive unicorn.  I love unicorns too and believe in them. But most likely you aren't going to find the absolutely "perfect" home. Think about what your needs are. And then we can add in your wants and hopefully find both. But you can't take "this house" and move it to "that location." 

#4 Mistake: You Need To Buy Shoes Too
Let's face it. Buying a home is absolutely, positively the BEST thing to do!  It is not only a fabulous investment for you, but it is the place you are going to create memories of a lifetime. But don't get caught up with "over-buying" or buying beyond your means. This often happens with new construction. But "mama's got to have some new shoes too."  And food.  And you still want to be able to go to the movies, right?  It's up to you, but think about it. 

#5 Mistake: Spend Money Before You Close
Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it! Don't spend money after you've gotten your loan started. The loan officer and their underwriters will be checking your credit up THROUGH the CLOSING. Don't jeopardize your home because you fell in love with a new car. Or new appliances. Talk with your lender BEFORE you do anything. 

Hopefully you have found this valuable information.  I would be honored to help you buy a home.  I have been successfully helping folks for the past 33 years buy, sell and close on their homes. 

Find out why people call Sandi "The Realtor® With A Heart."

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